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Danzig Mortis

!!Danzigs Past!!
This weeks victim
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(I know there was no Aurora Steele promo but work with me here k)

The camera turns on to show a small hospital outside the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The camera man zooms up on the sign to reveal the name of the hospital "Jasper Memorial Hospital" the camera man enters the hospital only to see it is set up like most, with an emergency room, a clinic off to the side, and then the main hospital with it's many different wings. Jasper Memorial Hospital is only one story, so all wings are all on one floor. The clinic connected to the hospital is an entirely different building. It looks almost like a storage building that's set off to the side, something that wouldn't be noticed by other people. The camera man walks down the hallway and walks into a doctor's office. This is where we find Danzig Mortis. He's in one of the rooms, waiting for the doctor to come back, and give him the results. Danzig has had his knees, and muscles in his upper legs examined. Seems like The Dealer really did a number on Danzig this past Impulse, and Danzig is wanting to make sure there isn't any permanent damage. Danzig is sitting on the long examiner table, you know, the one with the wax paper laid out across it, and the many draws and gadgets connected to it. Danzig is stretched out, like he's right at home, reading a book. As we talk a closer look we see Danzig is reading "The Shadow Rising" by Robert Jordan. Danzig is holding the book with one hand, while propping the other up behind his head. Danzig picks his head up and uses his free hand to leisurely turn a page, and then places his arm back behind his head. Danzig lays there reading for a few minutes reading, and finally the doctor returns. Danzig straightens gracefully, marks the page in his book, and closes it. The doctor places a folder down on the counter up against the wall, and opens it. The doctor reads from a couple papers, and then turns to Danzig.....

Doctor - Well, I've got the results in... Would you like the good news or the bad first?

Danzig gives the doctor a flat stare, as if to say "I'm not a little kid anymore, give it to me straight." The doctor clears his throat and studies the tops of his shoes for a minute before going on....

Doctor - Ah, well, let's just start with the good news first. The good news is there is no damage to ligaments or tendons in your legs. Your legs are in the best condition I've seen since you started coming to me over 5 years ago.

Danzig - That's great doc, so what's the bad news?

Doctor - The bad news is that it's my lunch break, and it's your turn to pay.

Danzig's lips curl up into a smile, and the doctor shares in his good demeanor. Danzig hops off the table, gathers up his things, and they both head out. The camera man tries to follow them but loses them very quickly. As he turns and heads for the elevator. Once on the ground he leaves the hospital and begins to walk to a cafe for a nice hot cup of Joe. Once inside he sees Danzig and the good doctor inside having lunch. The camera man quickly runs over to there table and sits down and begins to shoot. When we rejoin them, Danzig and the Doctor are sitting inside Elijah's Cafe, inside a little restaurant close to downtown Jasper. Danzig and the Doc are seated just inside the restaurant. Brandon, the young man waiting on them, is standing at the table nervously as Danzig and the Doc decide what they want. Brandon is only 17, and he's giddy with excitement at the idea that he's getting to wait on a professional wrestler. He doesn't keep up with wrestling very close, but he has heard of Danzig Mortis. Brandon takes down their order, and heads to the back to put it in, in the meantime Danzig and the doc strike up some conversation about the whats new in life.....

Doctor - So, Dealer didn't put it to you as hard as you thought?

Danzig - The way I was hurting after my match with him, I wasn't so sure. I guess it's because I haven't wrestled a lot of technical wrestlers, who actually stuck to their style in a long time. I'm used to brawling it out with folks by me going airborne and high flying risk crap, but I guess I was kind of caught by surprise.

Doctor - Next time maybe you can last a little bit longer once he's got you locked in some kind of submission move, now that you know what kind of condition your legs are in.

The doc smiles at that comment, but the smile withers when he realizes Danzig doesn't take the comment to well...................

Doctor - Hey man, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were so bummed out about the loss.

Danzig - It's not your fault, it's just that I haven't been very dominating in the ring since my arrival. I mean, maybe I've become to much of a wrestler. Maybe I should just go back to the brawler that I used to be and hope that my body can keep up.

Doctor - I don't think you have to worry about your body. Your legs are the only thing that are in the greatest shape I've seen. Your entire physique has improved over the past few years. You are in the best condition of your life, and I would say you are just now reaching your prime. A lot of people say that your old and washed up because you've been around for so long, but you were just a kid when you came into the league, and I'd say it's time for you to hit your prime. I'd say it's time for you to once again to become the domination monster you once were. Think about it, Your still a kid Danzig don't linger on it man!

Danzig's eyes take on a dangerous gleam, and Danzig seems to smile without realizing what he's doing. Danzig seems to realize that what the doctor is saying is true. Daznig seems to be seeing something that's only being revealed to his eyes. After a couple minutes Danzig comes back down to earth............

Danzig - You know, I'd say you're right. I think it is time that I changed things up a little bit. I think i'm going to give Arurora a taste of the past on the next Impulse.

Doctor - Speaking of Arurora, what did you think of her comments a couple days ago, they were weird if you ask me.

Before Danzig can comment Brandon comes gliding up, food in hand. Brandon sets a plate of grilled catfish over rice, with some red beans, and some okra down in front of Danzig. The doctor has just a grilled chicken salad. Brandon takes Danzig's empty glass of Dr. Pepper and replaces it with a new one. Danzig looks at the glass in surprise, apparently not realizing that he drank his glass of Dr. Pepper. Brandon makes one more check of the table, and then excuses himself so that Danzig and the Doc can finish their conversation Danzig turns to the cameraman and begins his promo................

Danzig - Well to be quite honest with you, she's either really stupid, or really smart. I'm willing to put money on it she's probably stupid. I've seen Aurora do one promotion clip in the week, and to be perfectly honest with you I think the girl is a joke! She comes out talking about how she and everyone else isn't scared of me and this and that, and that she knows I don't have a chance, and all this other stuff. I didn't sense a sarcastic tone while she was speaking, but I know there's more behind this than is apparent to the naked eye. You see Aurora the difference between you and me is, I care about what I do! You know what man? At one point in time I used to have a little respect for you since after all you were a big name but now it seems thats all changed. Well Aurora, The time has come where all your sins have come back to haunt you. It is time to pay the piper my friend for now the time has come for me to unleash the pleasures of everlasting pain and torment. You see Aurora, now it has come to me. Aurora this will be your final match here in the walls of the SW. After all this isn't no ordinary match my friend. This is the Upper Midcard. Where all eyes of the world is looking into that ring and is expecting a blood bath from hell between two warriors, and believe me Aurora it will be! You see I keep my ear to the ground. I hear from the boys in the back this and that about possible returns or possible going else wheres. But you know what Aurora? There is one rumor that will come true in that very ring. One of us will make it to the next round of stardom. You see the rules are simple if you lose your out of the spot light and if I win its just another victory under my belt. You see, your the one with the pressure my friend. Your the one whose life and carrer are on the line here. You see Aurora, How will you feel after the match? I'm not talking physically because damn both of us will be a wreck after the match anyways but I mean emotionally. I mean think about it. Tell me now How will you feel? Its simple enough to me Aurora I'm up for the challenge! the question is. Are your ready? But you see, I'm just very disgusted at a lot of people in this company! You know Aurora, I thought you were a woman of skill and of talent, but your not. I went though hell and back and no one will never know the shit I went through to get where I am today. I have the attitude of a true champion I'll show you Aurora what a champion ass beating feels like, I hope your still sober so you can tell the world how it felt to had to shut your mouth and accept the fact your out matched by the one true Danzig Mortis. A chump like yourself doesn't need respect a girl like you needs it beat it into her! So what If you and I didn't have great turnouts last week this is a whole new ball game now. I'm sure your not about to let it slip out of your hands. But believe me I will bring everything I have left in this body and destroy you. My whole life I've wanted to get to this point. I wanted the world to look at our match and say damn now that was a war! But Aurora just like a war there can only one winner and I'm sorry to say I'm walking out of Impulse with a win over you! When you walk into the arena at Impulse you will realize we are two people with the same goals. Both with our own missions that we wish to and need to complete, but in the end only one of us will be the one to do it. This is a moment that could forever define our careers, this is a moment that will not soon be forgotten. Beat me if you can, Survive if I let you!!!

Danzig finally takes long enough to get a couple bites from his grilled catfish. The Doc is already halfway through with his. He wasn't wasting any time while Danzig was talking. Danzig takes one more bite, finishing up a piece of fish, and then drinks down his Dr. Pepper. Danzig gets situated again, collects his thoughts, and then continues speaking. But not before the doctor cuts him off and speaks to Danzig's surprise.......

Doctor - Hey! Relax eat you food and let me take care of this. Although I'm not sure where Aurora was coming from when he did this promo. Pulve, the first few comments you made were about as close to the truth as you can get. I mean, You went back and watched tapes of Danzig while probably drinking down a gallon of beer, Well I will give you props for doing your homework abut a wrestler isn't an alcoholic. It took Danzig months to build himself up and get to the level that he wanted to join the ranks here on this federation!. That's when I saw him as established superstar. It wasn't just about brawling anymore, he had become a wrestler. You can't be scared on a constant basis and be successful in this sport. Never underestimate the power of chance, skills, and guts for this may be your last time youll ever be this close to getting any gold here in the SW lady!

Doctor turns his attention to food and conversation, and Brandon brings him another Dr. Pepper. The two sit there in conversation and the scene fades to black................